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Who is the radiologist?

A world of misconceptions

 This study explores  patients’ perceptions of the role of the radiologist in their care

and evaluates the possibility to get rid of misconceptions using animated video in the waiting room.

- 278 Patients were surveyed.


- After the video, 30% more people understand that the examiner is the technician, not the radiologist.


- Patients who think their own physician will interpret the images lowers by a 3.5 factor.


- Owing to the video, patients understand why they will not meet the radiologist.


- After the video two thirds experience more respect for the radiologist, without meeting one.

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Common misconceptions of patients:

Say the radiologist

"takes the x-rays"

Think the radiologist

"is not a doctor"

Believe the radiologist

"plays no role in patient care"