We make animation videos for the radiology waiting room to get rid of patients' misconceptions about our department and to ameliorate patient experience 

Who is the radiologist?

A world of misconceptions

Videos available in Dutch, English, French and Spanish.

  • After the video, 30% more people understand that the person performing the exam is the technician, not the radiologist.

  •  Patients no longer think their own physician will interpret the images, it's the job of the radiologist.

  • Owing to the video, patients understand why they probably will not meet the radiologist.

  • After the video two thirds experience more respect for the radiologist, without having to meet one.

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Common misconceptions of patients:

Say the radiologist

"takes the x-rays"

Think the radiologist

"is not a doctor"

Believe the radiologist

"plays no role in patient care"

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