Some of the most relevant results to the Radiology Department can be found summarized below

 "Do you expect to meet the Radiologist?"


After the video, 32% less patients expect to meet the radiologist

 "The Radiologist does the Interpretation"

After the video, 33% more patients realise the radiologist interprets the images

 "The Technician performs the Exam"

Prior to the video, only one third of patients know the exam will be conducted by technicians, after the video that becomes 60%. 

 "The Referring Physician does the Image Interpretation"

> 1/3th of patients think the referring physician does the imaging interpretation, after the video that misconception lowers by factor 3.5 

After the video:

  • 52,3% is more at ease prior to their exam

  • 93,5% better understands what a radiologist is and does

  • 65,4% find it to be of added value for their visit

  • 67,3% claims to have more respect for the radiologist