Some of the most relevant results to the Radiology Department can be found summarized below

 "The Referring Physician does the Image Interpretation"

> 1/3th of patients think the referring physician does the imaging interpretation, after the video that misconception lowers by factor 3.5 

 "The Radiologist does the Interpretation"

After the video, 28% more patients realise the radiologist interprets the images

 "The Technician performs the Exam"

After the video, 27% more patients understand the technician produces the images. 

After the video:

  • 52,3% is more at ease prior to their exam

  • 93,5% better understands what a radiologist is and does

  • 65,4% find it to be of added value for their visit

  • 67,3% claims to have more respect for the radiologist